Restart problem in TV - TV getting rebooted continuously- How to fix?

The new age TV coming in the market has become ever so smart. With Wi-fi connectivity, along with android operating system with as much as 16 GB of RAM, our new smart TV is no less than a computer. However, with advancements in technology, the failure rate of TV has also gone up. The modern TV, though smart, is very delicate and susceptible to failure and damage.

One such common fault that comes in modern TV is Restart Problem in TV. Be it the famous Samsung LED TV and Sony LED TV or the newer players in the market like Micromax or MI TV, every TV can face the issue of continuously rebooting.

So, if you are facing restart problem in Samsung LED TV or restart problem in Sony LED TV, we at Tradikin have bought you a guide to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

1) Problem with input source

If your Samsung, Sony or LG TV is getting rebooted or restarted continuously, then there is a chance that there is a problem with your input source. An input source can be a set top box, a streaming dongle or a pen drive. If it's audio and video supply is getting disrupted continuously, then your TV might seem to have restart problem, even though the TV might be working fine.

To check if there is any problem with your input device, you should check the connecting cables, like VGA or HDMI cables and also try connecting the input source to another TV in your house.

2) Problem with motherboard

Motherboard is the brain of your TV. It consists of all the components like microprocessor, RAM and software. If you are facing booting issue with your LED TV, there is a high chance that your motherboard is faulty. The most common component that gets faulty in a TV motherboard is the microprocessor. If your motherboard is faulty, you can get your Samsung TV motherboard replacement or Sony TV motherboard repairs done from Tradikin.

3) Problem with TV software

As the software in our TV are getting complex and heavy, so is the chance of their corruption or being infected from virus. Sometimes, when the TV is switched off during software update, we face the problem of TV software corruption. The most common symptom of a corrupt software is that it gets stuck on the smart TV screen. As soon as you switch on your TV, the smart TV boot up screen comes, and the TV is restarted.

In some cases, it is possible to reinstall the software in the TV motherboard. However, if the software corruption problem in TV motherboard is not solved, then it's best to contact an expert TV repair technician from Tradikin!


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