No sound coming issue in TV- how to fix?

One of the most important aspects of our TV viewing experience is the sound quality of our LED TV or LCD TV. Even with coming of new age sound bars and woofers, our first preference is always our LED TV speakers. It can really dampen our viewing experience if our LED TV or LCD TV sound stops working in middle of our favorite program.

The new age LED TV comes with advanced technologies to provide the best viewing experience. With advanced features like internet connectivity and built in surround sound systems, our LED TV has become all-in-one solution for all our entertainment needs. With such features, any need for add-on enhancements like additional speakers, surround sound systems and internet dongles, has come obsolete.

However, it can dampen our viewing experience if sound stops working on our Samsung or Sony TV. The no audio or sound stopping working issue in TV is one of the most common and irksome issues in our TV, be it the famous brands like LG TV, Sony TV or Samsung TV, or the newer players in the market like Micromax TV, MI TV, VU TV etc.

So, we at Tradikin decided to make it easier for you to troubleshoot no sound coming from TV issue by listing out some common problem with sound in today’s LED TV and LCD TV. No sound coming in TV issue can be caused by issue with input source, faulty TV speakers or problem with TV motherboard. So, if you are wondering how do you get the sound back on your TV, here are some issues that you might need to check for:

1) Issue with input source

Our new age Sony LED TVs and Samsung LED TVs depend on an input source such as an HDMI cable or through a steaming dongle. You might connect your set top box through the HDMI cable, or your streaming dongle, or maybe a USB. No sound through HDMI is also a common problem faced by our LED TV. So, if there is LG TV sound stopped working, you should check the input source. Try removing the HDMI cable and re-plugging it. If it still doesn’t work and our LED TV sound doesn’t come back, try changing the input cable or talk to your cable provider to check problems in Set top box. You can also try inserting a USB into the LED TV USB port and testing the sound. If the sound is coming properly through USB, your LED TV is working fine and there is a definite issue with your input device.

2) Faulty LED TV speakers

Sometimes sound in our LED TV can stop coming due to faulty TV speakers. The new age LED TVs sometimes have multiple speakers and there might be a chance that some or all of the speakers are faulty. Some of the most common reasons for LED TV speakers getting faulty are excessive dust in speakers, failure due to moisture in speaker, or excessive use in very high volumes. One of the handiest tips to prolong your LED TV speaker life is to always use it at a volume level less than the maximum level. Even if your speakers get faulty, instead of trying to find any LED TV repair shop near me, you can call an LED TV or LCD TV repair expert from Tradikin.

3) Problem in motherboard of LED TV

Another common reason due to which no sound is coming in your LG TV, Sony TV or Samsung LED TV is due to a faulty motherboard. Sometimes, the chips or circuits ensuring delivery of sound from input source to TV speakers get faulty, thus facing the problem of no sound coming from TV. If you want to get sound back on your TV, you can either get your TV motherboard repaired from a trusted TV service center near you, or instead of going through the hassle, you can just call a professional TV repair expert from Tradikin.

So, these were some most common causes for no sound coming issue in your LED TV or LCD TV. This problem can come in any brand LED TV or LCD TV, be it the bigger brands like Samsung LED TV, Sony LED TV, or LG LED TV, or other brands like Philips LED TV, Toshiba LED TV, Videocon LED TV or MI LED TV.

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