LED TV screen is blank- No display but power is on - How to fix?

The new age LED TV is both smart and delicate. Even though technology in LED TV has advanced many-fold, but so has the rate of failure. One of the most common problems we face in an LED TV is no display coming on LED TV screen. The no display condition can come with no sound in LED TV or with sound in LED TV.

LED TV screen is blank- No display but power is on - Tradikin

The LED TV screen is a very delicate and most important component of the LED TV. If not handled properly, it can give various problems, thus leading to the need of LED TV screen replacement. One of the most common issues with TV display is that it stops showing picture, and without an LED TV repair expert to guide you, you can be clueless about the fault and how to rectify it. If there is no display and your TV screen is blank, there can be a fault in motherboard. If your TV display is blank but sound is coming, then there can be a fault with your SET TOP BOX, INPUT CABLE, HDMI CABLE or USB DRIVE. Your TV screen backlight may also be faulty.

So, Tradikin brings you a guide to help you understand the various problems that can cause your LED TV display to be blank. Let us understand all the problems you LED TV can have before you contact your nearest LED TV repair shop.

No Display and No sound in LED TV

If your LED TV screen is blank and even on changing the channels and rising up the volume, you cannot hear any sound, then most probably there is a problem with your LED TV motherboard. When your LED TV motherboard is faulty, the TV standby light might come on but the screen might not be switched on. In that case, you can get your LED TV or LCD TV motherboard repaired by an expert TV repair technician near you, or you can get the motherboard replaced by the TV repair technician.

Display is blank but sound is coming in LED TV

Sometimes, it may be the case that you cannot see the display on your LED TV or LCD TV, but can hear the sound of the show coming on the particular channel. There can be a number of troubleshooting steps that you can take to diagnose the fault before you set out to find a reliable TV repair shop near me. Here is a small guide:

1) Click on the menu button

If you click on the menu button from your LED TV remote and the menu pops up on the screen, this means that your LED TV display is working fine. There is a problem with the input device of picture. If you are using a set top box, then there can be a problem with the HDMI cable or the set top box. In that case, instead of finding a reliable TV repair service center near me, you should call your set top box company to get it checked.

If there is a problem with the input cable, try replacing the cable. You can also try troubleshooting it by removing the cable; waiting for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. If you are using a pen drive to watch a show, then there might be a compatibility issue with the video format, and there is a chance that your TV might not support the particular format.

2) Try knocking lightly on the LED TV display

If even after pressing the menu button, nothing is coming on the LED TV screen, then you should try knocking on the display lightly. Make sure you do not knock aggressively on the display, as it might cause LED TV screen damage, which can only be replaced by an expert LED TV repair technician.

If on knocking, you see white color stars on the screen, then your LED TV backlight is fine and there is a defect in your LED TV screen components like Cof-IC, Scaler PCB, or T-Con board. If you are wondering what these alien terms are, we have talked about them more here.

If any of these components of your LED TV screen are faulty, you can call an expert TV repair technician from Tradikin. Tradikin TV repair technicians are experts and experienced in handling display issues like this and can rectify these issues in a few hours.

3) Faulty LED TV backlight

If on knocking on your LED TV screen, no stars are coming, then your LED TV backlight is faulty. LED TV backlight is responsible for illuminating the LED TV screen so that the picture formed by pixels can be displayed on the screen. You need not worry if your LED TV backlight is faulty. Instead of trying to find an LED TV repair mechanic near me, you can always call a LED TV repair mechanic from Tradikin.

These problems in display are pretty common in all brands of TV, be it the big brands like Samsung LED TV, Sony LED TV, Philips LED TV, Videocon LED TV, Panasonic LED TV, Toshiba LED TV or the newer players in the market like VU LED TV, MI LED TV, Micromax LED TV or OnePlus LED TV.

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