How to safely clean your LED TV screen?

The new age LED TVs, be it the new smart LED TVs or the ultra-slim ones, have not only enhanced our viewing experience, but have also made sure that we are hooked to our TV all day long. With constant use, LED TV screens are prone to dust and smudges, and need to be cleaned regularly to continue providing the best experience. So, here are some tips to clean your LED TV screen safely.

Even tough our new age TV is smart and intelligent, but it's LED screen is ever so delicate. With increased screen time, our LED TV screens are bound to get dirty from all the dust and grease smudges on it.

However, LED TV screen are more prone to breakage now than ever before. Not only that, even slightest of moisture on your LED TV screen can cause damage in it. The damage can range from few horizontal and vertical lines on your TV to a complete screen loss. If you are facing any problem with your LED TV screen, you can always call Tradikin to book a TV repair service at home.

Tips to keep in mind before you start cleaning your LED TV screen.

Even before you start cleaning your LED TV screen, you should keep a few points in mind to ensure your safety as well as your LED TV's well being. Here are a few tips:

Switch off your LED TV

Even before you start cleaning your LED TV screen for any damage or smudges, you should switch it off. If your LED TV is switched on, it's electrical components can malfunction due to the moisture and can get faulty. In that case, you will have no other alternative than to get your LED TV repaired from a expert technician.

Remove your LED TV from the power socket

You should always make it a point to remove your LED TV plug from the socket before you decide to clean your LED TV screen. We don't want you to get an electric shock while you are cleaning your beloved LED TV.

With these precautions being taken, you are now ready to clean your LED TV screen. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to avoid damaging your LED TV screen and thus ruling out the need for your LED TV screen replacement.

1) Take a soft cloth

Before you decide to clean any dust and oil smudges off your LED TV screen, you need to remember that your TV screen is the most delicate component of your LED TV. It is prone to minor scratches while cleaning, which can hamper your viewing experience. So, you should always use a soft cloth to clean your LED TV screen. You can also use a microfiber cloth (the one used to clean spectacles) to clean your LED TV screen. Even if you get minor scratches in your TV screen, worry not, an expert LED TV repair technician can easily remove them.

2) Remove the dust with a dry cloth

You should make it a point to clean to upper most part of the dust from your screen with a dry cloth. A dry cloth works better than a wet one for cleaning dry dust, as it prevents the dust from sticking to the TV screen and also from seeping in through the sides into the main TV components. Sometimes an LED TV can malfunction due to excess dust in it. For that, you can always book an expert TV repair service technician from Tradikin.

3) Wet the cloth, not the screen

Many LED TV owners commit the drastic mistake of spraying the water or soap solution directly onto the TV screen. Nothing can be more wrong than this. The sprayed water droplets seep through the side frame of the TV and damage the internal components of the TV. Most of the cases of vertical and horizontal lines on LED TV are caused by this.

Instead, you should spray water on the cloth, make it moist, squeeze out the extra water from it, and wipe the oil strains off the screen by the moist cloth. Even after that if some water seeps through the TV screen, you can get it repaired in minimum costs from expert TV repair mechanic from Tradikin.

4) Use mild soap solution

If you feel that a particular oil smudge is too resistant to be cleaned only by a wet cloth, you can spray a mild soap solution on a soft cloth, wipe your LED TV screen from it, followed by a dry cloth.

5) Put minimum pressure on the screen

While cleaning your LED TV screen, you should make sure that you do not put much pressure on your TV screen. LED TV Screens are delicate and can break with the slightest pressure on a particular spot. If your LED TV screen is broken, you can always get your broken LED TV screen replaced from Tradikin.

These were a few pointers that one needs to keep in mind while cleaning their LED TV screen. A clean LED TV screen not only enhances our viewing experience, but also maintains hygiene in our home by keeping the dust away.

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