How to fix horizontal and vertical lines on LED TV screen?

Horizontal and vertical lines on an LED TV screen can be quite irksome and can hamper our viewing experience. It is one of the most common faults that come in a TV. So, we compiled a list of issues that cause horizontal and vertical lines to appear on an LED TV.

TV has become an essential part of our lives in the past few months. With constant source of news and entertainment, we are hooked on our TV all day long. We at Tradikin understand how annoying it can be when your TV is faulty.

Vertical and horizontal lines on LED TV screen is one of the most common problems faced by today’s modern LED TVs. So, before you set out to find a reliable TV repair service center near you, you should know the main reasons for horizontal and vertical lines on LED TV screen. This fault can be caused by a fault in T-CON Board, Scalar PCB, COF IC or Display Panel of the TV. Let’s understand all the terms in detail:

1) Faulty T-CON Board

T-CON board, also known as timing control board, is responsible for illuminating the LED lights of an LED TV. It receives information about pixels from Scalar PCB and decides when the illuminate and turn off a particular pixel to create a picture on the LED TV screen. When you T-con board is faulty, it is not able to create proper picture on the LED TV screen and thus shows horizontal and vertical lines on the LED TV screen.

An expert TV repair technician can get your T-con board repaired in minimum costs, so that you don’t have to replace your T-Con board. For this, you need not find any LED TV repair shop near me, you can just contact Tradikin and they will be able to assist you.

2) Problem with Scalar PCB

Scalar PCB is one of the most important components of your LED TV. It obtains picture information from the motherboard and converts it into pixel data to send it to T-CON board. Scalar PCB is where the actual picture data is created and if it is faulty, your LED TV repair expert will need to replace or repair the Scalar PCB. You can always call Tradikin to get an expert LED TV repair technician for your LED TV.

3) Damaged Cof-IC

Cof-IC is yet another important component in and LED TV. It connects your display screen to the rest of the components of your TV. It is the most common reason for horizontal and vertical lines on an LED TV screen. The Cof-IC can only be repaired by a “Tab Bonding Machine”, which is a special equipment designed specifically to repair Cof-IC. Tradikin has best Tab Bonding Machine and TV repair technicians in Delhi-NCR to repair Cof-IC.

One of the most common reasons for damaged Cof-IC is water or moisture. Sometimes during monsoon or while cleaning your LED TV, a few drops of water can seep in through the display screen and can damage to Cof-IC, thus giving rise to the need for your LED TV repair.

4) Damaged Screen

If the moisture on screen is excessive, it can damage your LED TV screen, rather than damaging your COf-IC. If your LED TV screen is damaged, there is no other solution than you get your LED TV screen replacement done. You should always contact a trusted TV repair expert like Tradikin to get your LED TV screen replaced.


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