Why TV Repair at home is a safer way - Tradikin's response to COVID-19

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

TV has been a constant source of entertainment in our lives for past 50 days of lock-down. Tradikin understands your love for your new best friend and hence we responded to your TV Repair needs by introducing Tradikin Protect- Our response to COVID- 19 safe TV repairs at your home.

COVID-19 or corona has redefined our entertainment patterns. With popular online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime and Hotstar, among others upping their streaming game, our love for our TV has increased many fold. However, with our love comes an undue pressure on our TV to perform and deliver continuously for hours.

Understanding the new found dependencies on TV along with the paranoia created by current corona-impacted world, we at Tradikin have resumed our TV Repair services in Delhi-NCR, putting in place strict measures to ensure your safety and happiness.

What Tradikin is doing to ensure safe and quick TV Repair services at your doorstep?

1) All technicians wearing masks and gloves at all times.

We at Tradikin are ensuring that all our technicians wear N95 6-ply masks and surgical gloves at all times, whether they are dealing with your TV or not. All our field drivers make sure that they check their protective gear before coming to pick up your TV to get it repaired. We are also ensuring that our technicians repairing your TV have no direct contact with it at any time.

2) Regular temperature checks

Tradikin is taking the COVID pandemic seriously. To make sure that none of our employees are sick, we are conducting daily temperature checks of all our technicians and drivers. We are ensuring that we provide completely safe TV repair services to our customers.

3) Sanitizers and disinfectants carried

whenever our driver comes to pick your TV at your home, he makes sure his hands are properly sanitized and washed according to the 20 second rule. Moreover, he ensures that all his equipment is properly disinfected. We also sanitize your TV before picking it up and delivering the repaired TV back to your home.

4) Contactless delivery and pickup

Understanding the mechanism of corona spread is important for this. We know that a minimum distance of 1 feet acts as a deterrent of its spread. So, our drivers ensure that you are at a safe distance from the TV before he proceeds to pick it up. We are also avoiding stepping into your homes to pickup your TV and requesting customers to deliver us their TV at their doorstep.

We as human beings are together in this pandemic. Only by uniting( virtually, not physically!), we can ensure that we come out of this pandemic strong and healthy.

Tradikin promises to help make your lock-down time entertaining by providing you safe and semaless services. YOU ARE SAFE WITH TRADIKIN!

So, in order to book our TV Repair services in Delhi, Visit Tradikin now!