Common TV Problems and how to prevent them

TV has been a constant source of entertainment in our lives for past 50 days of lock-down. With such pressure to perform, even the greatest artists break down. And it's just a TV after all. So, we present some common problems our TV faces and their prevention.

In the modern days, TV has become an integral part of our households. Be it the old CRT TV or the new age smart and android LCD or led TV, everyone is hooked to TV nowadays. It has now become a mainstream source of family entertainment. Moreover, with the coming of new age smart and android TV, our focus is slowly shifting from our phones to TVs. In such a case, a faulty TV can be a nightmare. So, here are some most common irksome problems that we can face with our TV and ways to prevent them.

1. Broken TV screen

Today’s LCD and led TVs pack a high resolution but quite delicate display. It can break with the slightest pressure and can burn a huge hole in your pockets. So, it is essential to take care of your TV display. One should avoid ramming any sharp object on the display or putting a lot of pressure from their fingers. However, in case your TV screen gets broken, you should hire a TV repair expert from Tradikin to get it replaced.

2. Horizontal and vertical lines

It becomes quite irritating to see colored horizontal and vertical lines while watching your favorite show. They are generally caused by the technical fault in the TV’s screen or seepage of small water drops from the TV screen to its inside. In order to prevent such a condition, we should be particularly careful while cleaning the TV screen from any kind of liquid. These horizontal and vertical lines are easily repairable; you just need to call a service technician from Tradikin to check the TV’s condition.

3. Moisture in TV

Moisture is one of the major causes of failures of your home TV. The moisture damages the internal electrical components of the TV, rendering it completely useless. In order to prevent moisture from entering the TV, we should be particularly careful while cleaning the TV with any liquid. It is advisable to put some liquid on a cloth and wipe your TV with it, instead of pouring the liquid on the TV directly. We should also be careful not to put a TV in direct contact with devices like air conditioner, thus risking seepage if moisture in it. Even if some water goes inside your TV, you should call a TV repair professional.

4. Potential virus attack

The new age smart and android TVs use operating system software to work. Also, every TV these days have a USB slot for pen-drives. We should be careful before plugging USB drives in our TVs. We should only use and install genuine software and apps on our TV to prevent it from any kind of software virus.

5. Software corruption during the update

our TVs nowadays work on latest software in order to give us the best viewing experience. Whenever the TV manufacturer releases the latest update for the software, our TV automatically detects it and starts downloading it when switched on. We should be careful not to switch off the TV while its software is updating as it poses a risk of corrupting its software. Once the software is corrupted, the motherboard needs to be changed. In such a case, it is advisable to call a TV service expert from Tradikin to get your TV checked.