5 Smart Ways To Prolong Your TV Life

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

TV has become an important source of our entertainment in our daily lives. No one wants to shell out money to get a defective TV repaired. So here are some smart ways to prolong your TV life.

TV has become an indispensable part of our households these days. Everyone wants to get smart and hd TV's for their home. TV is no longer a gadget, but a way of bonding through some family time for us. in such busy and hectic world, no one has the time to get into the hassle of getting a faulty TV repaired or buying a new one again and again.

We bring you some smart ways and prevention techniques to prolong or extend your TV's natural life. Some of them are:

Prevent your TV from direct air of cooler or AC

The air that comes out of your cooler or ac is full of moisture. the moisture is not good for your TV's components as it can cause corrosion and short circuit in critical components of your TV. So, it is essential to prevent it from direct contact with air from your cooler or AC.

Don’t put your TV in standby mode

Whenever you are not watching TV, make sure you switch off the main line instead of putting it in standby mode. When your TV is in standby mode, only the screen is turned off, while the power supply and PCB are continuously working, which can cause overheating and reduce the life of the components. So, make sure you switch off the main line of your TV when it’s not in use.

Don’t spray any liquid on your TV:

We generally have the tendency to spray a liquid cleaner on our TV screens to clean it off. Doing this is like a suicide for your TV. The sprayed liquid seeps into the inner body of your TV through the screen and damages the connections of important components in your TV. So, it is always advisable to wipe your TV screen with a moist cloth instead of spraying any liquid into it.

Don’t keep your TV switched off for a long time

We know that you love to travel. After all, what better way there is to escape the hectic life than to chill with a pina colada on the beaches of Goa. But while you chill off at the beach, your TV is suffering back home. make sure you pack away your TV in a sealed cartoon before heading out to that awaited holiday. it prevents your TV from elements like dust and moisture, thus prolonging your TV's life.

Avoid installing your TV on a table-top stand

It is always advisable to hang your TV on the wall rather than installing it on the table top stand. the table top stand is a delicate component and can sometimes find it difficult to bear your TV's weight. Even a slight push can make your TV fall from your table.

So these are some hacks that, if followed properly, can extend your TV's life. we know how emotionally attached you are to your beloved TV. so, worry not, even if something happens to your TV, we at Tradikin have the right doctors for it.